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Alpha Granite and Tile


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Descrizione dell'attività

We are a full service Stone, Quartz, Marble, Porcelain Panel and Dekton fabricator and Installer of kitchen countertops, firplaces, wall panelling showers and many other stone surfaces. Phasset USA dba Alpha Granite and Tile is located in Austin Texas and has been doing business since 2002. We are a fully equiped fabricator that has the following machines: GMM Brio 5 axis double table bridge saw, one CMS Brembana Flexa Bridge Saw, one Commanduli Omega 60, 3 CMS Brembana CNC Routers, 1 automatic single head slab polisher and 1 CMS Aquatec Water Jet.

Esperienza con DDX

We have been using DDX Software since 2005. it has always been a little bit challenging using the software in the beginning as the Training has not been available for the end user. i think the software is very good and very clever in the way that it optimizes the efficiency of the CNC machines.